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Welcome To My Home Page
I make custom pet beds and toys. I was inspired by my own pets - Zack and Zelda - who always seem to be on the search for the perfect place to sleep.
My email is
This is Zack on a poofy bed
Please browse the site to see what kind of beds I am currently making. If you want something you do not see, please e-mail me, I might be able to make it.
I will be adding some pictures of fabric that I have, but the fabric store is right down the road, so getting something that is right for your pet is easy.
Who are Zack and Zelda
Zack is a Beagle/Jack Russell/something else mix. His favorite bed is the sofa, but when mom and dad are there, he has his pick of beds. Zack was adopted from Animal Friends.
Zelda is a very fat calico cat. Her favorite bed is mom's lap, but when the computer is there, her favorite bed is the biggest one in the house. Thus causing Zack to sleep in a smaller bed! Zelda came from a family member who found her as a stray.

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Zelda on the couch

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